Pricing Info

The standard for my cakes is two layers of cake with a layer of filling in between, totaling a cake approximately 4 inches high. Prices below are the general starting point and will be affected by design.

I make my own marshmallow fondant by hand, so a fondant layer over the cake adds 20% to the base price. If you want deep or dark colors of fondant like deep red or blue, or black (for covering the cake, not just decorating work), I do have to order those, so those are subject to additional cost, depending on how much will need to be ordered.  

Estimates for wedding cake servings have always seemed ridiculously small to me, so I use more generous (and realistic) estimates for how many servings my cakes give. I’ve gone by experience and standards shared by other bakers to come to these estimates. If you’d like to discuss wedding size servings, I’m happy to, or you’re welcome to go by estimates given by Wilton, for example. The cake is priced as is and the size of the pieces, whether huge or tiny, is up to you.

Cake Servings and Price List