I originally learned how to make beaded earrings when I was in 6th grade in Santa Cruz, CA. I made those for years, just for fun and as gifts, but eventually set the hobby aside. A few years ago, the beading bug bit me again and I started getting back into it. This time, I looked up tutorials online and branched out into bracelets. While I loved getting into beading again, I found that I was making more than I could ever wear myself, and there just wasn’t a lot of demand to buy them (have to pay for all those beads somehow, right?). 

My husband grew up a gamer, particularly fond of Nintendo and PlayStation. He suggested using beads to recreate the old style 8-bit look, and to create charm bracelets with the ability to move and swap the charms. It took a while of testing and fiddling with design and materials, and now we’re happy with the final result! The charms worked out so well for the bracelets that using them for necklaces, earrings, and keychains is perfect. 

My beadwork is a hobby I love. Being able to sell them means that other people get to enjoy them and I get to make more, so everyone is happy! Since I tend to get a lot of questions about how I make them, I use a computer program to create the design, so I know from row to row what I’m doing next. I make every single piece by hand, with a very thin (but very sharp) needle and beadweaving thread – and lots and lots of patience. These are more a labor of love and fan art than of profit, so I hope you enjoy them!